My Son was diagnosed with eczema when he was 3 months old. He was given steroids & creams. Some of these worked, but after a while it seemed that his tiny body would become immune to these and again we were back to the beginning. I was heartbroken. My first son, my only baby, going through this all alone, I felt helpless. Nothing I did helped at all. I felt like a terrible mother. My friends and family gave words of comfort, and although I appreciated it, it wasn’t going to take away the pain, the itch, the sleepless nights that my son was going through.

When I would take him out, I felt like strangers who saw him, would look at me as if I had done this, or that he was being abused. Did they think this? Or was I paranoid? I don’t know for sure, but I didn’t take any chances. So my son and I stayed home a lot.

My home was spotless. I would clean his sheets, and his clothes every day. I would also vacuum the rug, but nothing I did made any difference. I bathed him once a day, hoping to get rid of the toxins that were slowly eating away at his skin and still nothing changed. In fact, it appeared to have gotten worse.

My son went through a vigorous amount of testing. Skin testing, breathing tests, blood work. Nothing they did came up with an answer. I changed his food, documented his intake and looked for a change, and nothing out of the ordinary came to surface. What was going on?!

I then began my first year of studying to become a registered nurse and it wasn’t until we started to learn medications and various skin conditions that it all came together. I had learned that the medication my son was taking would eventually do him more harm than good if he continued to use it. I also learned how the skin works. With this knowledge, I took action.

I began my research and in doing so I learned a great deal. Eventually I poured my knowledge into creating a soap. A soap? Yes a soap. I made it and tried it on my son and within one month he was eczema free. I could not believe this. Needless to say I was so happy. I told my friends, my family, and even strangers. Soon after this, I sold my soap to my friends my family and a few strangers by word of mouth.  Then someone suggested that I sell it online, so I thought, why not, couldn’t hurt.

This was the birth of my business began. I didn’t realize how many people suffered from eczema and here I felt so alone.

As for my son, well he is 16 years old now and I cannot express how proud I am of him. He still remains eczema free.